Monday, November 7, 2016

Warning regards water route in this season

November 7, 2016
Now is the time for the transition from high to low water levels. Thus, water vessels will need to be careful in travelling, said U Ko Ko Aung, Assistant Director of Marine Administration Department of the Directorate of water Resources and Improvement of River systems.

This month is called as ‘Kyama’ season by locals on river routes.  Water levels may recede suddenly this month. Thus, Water routes can change. Vessels can be totally stranded as water level  recede from 7 ft to 5 ft within one or two days. The public should be alert to the changing of routes depending on water levels not only on the Draught mark, said U Ko Ko Aung. 
Water draught restrictions will be issued starting the third week of this month and vessels should run through main water routes.  The water receding time is not fast and the water route does not change suddenly as in other receding months, but incidents may happen about the third week of November.
U Ko Ko Aung said, “Marine administration tasks will be set on the best routes. As the water recedes a lot in the third week of this month, most of the water routes can change depending on the situation. That’s why, the vessels should be alert.” 

If vessels running on river routes do not take care, they may encounter difficulties such as being stranded and the water route being blocked.

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