Monday, November 7, 2016

Maung Taw Update: Islamic Community Call For Peace In The Township

November 7, 2016
The Islamic community in Maung Taw called for all people in the township to work together to put an end to the tension in the area that has already put a toll to the food supply and shelters of residents.

They expressed sorrow about the fatal assaults in the township, and said that everyone has the responsibility to address the issue.
RESIDENT, MYO MA TAUNG WARD, HLA TINT: No matter who they are, what kind of religion they practice or what ethnic group they are from, they are doing unpleasant things. And no one will support them. So, everyone has the responsibility to end these bad conditions, including us, as it is a national duty. 
Business dealings and livelihoods have also paused, affecting incomes, as the township has been disconnected to others, due to security reasons.
RESIDENT, MAUNG TAW TOWNSHIP, DR. HLA MYINT: But now all our businesses here are delayed, including farming, cultivating, as well as education of children. Now it is an important time, as it is a time to harvest but there is no farmer to do it. That’s why it impacts to each and every of citizen, and to the country. 
Combined forces of the military and police continue to patrol the township for security.

Since last week, most of the residents who were evacuated to safer grounds have been resettled back to their villages, as the government attempts to investigate the assaults in early October, while restoring peace and stability in the area.

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