Monday, November 7, 2016

Media Conference: Broadcasting Law Amendments Must Speed Up

November 7, 2016
Amendments on the Broadcasting Law should be quickly finished before the government gives broadcast license to five new channels, media professionals said at the 5th Myanmar Media Development conference in Yangon, Monday. 

The Broadcasting Law has been enacted in 2015, but parts of it had been amended recently. The draft is expected to come out in a short time, according to the Union Minister for Information, Dr. Pe Myint. 
UNIONMINISTER, MINISTRY OF INFORMATION, H.E. DR. PE MYINT: There are a lot of facts that were pointed out by the media experts [about the Broadcasting Law]. So we will publish the draft which includes the facts which most experts agreed with and should be included in the law. Then we will discuss the draft again. If they agree, we will submit it to the parliament.
The government targets to grant licenses to content providers for five new TV channels. Over forty companies have so far submitted expression of interest in the subject. 
But as development in the broadcasting industry rapidly progresses, regulations must catch up, Information Coordinator of the Myanmar Press Council Myint Kyaw said. 
INFORMATION COORDINATOR, MYANMAR PRESS COUNCIL, MYINT KYAW: The amended law should come out as soon as possible. Then the by law should be drafted. Then the government should also emphasize on the forming of the Central Broadcasting council, because if it is formed with authorized persons, it can dominate other related councils.

The 5th Media Development Conference will run for two days. Media laws, safety for the journalists and gender and media will be discussed.
Ref; mitv News

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