Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Jobs In Japan: More Opportunities As Chinese Migrants Decline

November 8, 2016
Japan continues to recruit young migrant workers from Asia, to fulfill demands in productivity. Due to its shortage of local workforce, Japan hosts migrant workers mainly from China. 

Chinese nationals accounts for 70% of the overseas workers in Japan. 30% are from by Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Laos and Cambodia. This labor recruitment has been going on for over two decades now.
Workers from Myanmar are mostly in the industries sector and engineering-related jobs, according to Myo Than, Managing Director from Towards 21 Services Company. Representing a recruitment agency, he said there would be good opportunity to work in Japan as the number of Chinese workers there decline. 
Managing Director, Towards 21 Services Co., Ltd., Myo Than: As there has many labor demands in Japan, we really want to fulfill their requirements so we sent the local employees to the manufacturing industries from Japan since 2012. But, before we send the workers, we firstly conduct the Japanese language training to the workers as they all need to be reasonably fluent in Japanese. 
Currently, the agency has recruited over 400 local workers mostly from Bago, Mandalay, Ayeyarwady Regions and Mon State for companies based in Japan. 

Ref; mitv News

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