Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Food Aid: World Food Programme Delivers Food To Maung Taw

November 8, 2016
About 6,500 food-insecure people from the north villages in Maung Taw Township will receive food assistance from World Food Program Myanmar beginning today, according to WFP report yesterday.

Food aid has been disrupted in the township since fatal assaults on border posts erupted in early October. But on the weekend, authorities permitted the delivery of food by WFP to regular recipients and newly displaced persons in certain villages. 
Estimates show that about 162,000 food-insecure people have been affected by the security incidents in northern Rakhine State. 78,000 people are in need of immediate food. Aid groups are concerned that the incidents can “impact the food security situation, both to the disruptions of food distribution and the timing that may prevent people from harvesting their crops”.  
In addition, WFP says it needs 30 million USD funding to continue its timely and uninterrupted food assistance in northern Rakhine State through June 2017, especially for IDPs affected by conflicts. 

Ref; mitv News

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