Thursday, November 3, 2016

Friendly Match: Myanmar VS Indonesia

November 3, 2016
Myanmar National Team will play friendly match against Indonesia National Team on Friday as part of preparation for 2016 AFF Suzuki Cup to be hosted in Yangon.

Head Coach Gerd Zeise said the national team’s training in Europe has brought good results and confidence is high on how the team will perform both in the friendly match and AFF Suzuki Cup matches. 
Head Coach, National Football Team (Myanmar), Gerd Zeise: “I hope we can settle that what we trained. These two matches are very important. Both teams are strong, here Indonesia was a little bit out business international longer but came back good result what I saw. And Oman is middle east team also, very strong. We can compete and we can see where we stand. And last days to regulate some things which are not good. Therefore, the games are very good to play.”
Indonesia’s Head Coach Alfred Riedl also acknowledged Myanmar team is in better shape and said the friendly match on Friday won’t be an easy game to win. 
Head Coach, National Football Team (Indonesia), Alfred Riedl: “We know of course a little bit about our opponent tomorrow. We know they have a long term camp, they have very talented players, organized team and also they are very ambitious because they host one group and for sure tomorrow very very difficult for us. We will not make it easy for Myanmar as well.”

The friendly match will be held at Thuwana YTC stadium at 5 pm Friday.

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