Tuesday, November 8, 2016

World-famous Mingun Bell attracts tourists

November 8 
Myanmar tourism industry is booming because it is blessed with historical heritage and natural beauty. The country attracts more tourists because of its world heritage ancient cities.

Over 200 tourists arrived in Mingun per day from the end of October to the beginning of November. It is estimated that more tourists will visit there in November.

Tourists in Mandalay used to go to Mingun from Mayanchan jetty by vessel. They are interested in the famous artistic lion statue, the big stupa and the large Mingun bell. They love to hear the sound of tolling bells. They regard the bell as the symbol of religion and peace. The Mingun Bell proudly stands as the most famous in Myanmar and third in the world. The world-historic bells are Tsar-Kolokol bell, the biggest bell (more than 200 tons) located in Kremlin Palace in Moscow, Russia, the second biggest bell (more than 128 tons) located in Moscow and the Mingun bell, the third biggest bell (more than 90 tons) is located in Mingun, Sagaing Region, Myanmar.

The significant point of Mingun bell is its pleasant sound its tolling can be heard from a distance.  The other World famous bells can’t be tolled. The bell was built on 5th waxing day of Kason in 1170. It was cast with 55,555 viss of bronze.

Many people remember the weight of the bell as a mnemonic "Min Hpyu Hman Hman Pyaw". The diameter of the rim of the bell is 16-ft and 9-in. Its circumference is 51-ft and 3-in. The depth is 20-ft and 3in, its thickness is 1-ft and 7- in and the height from the rim to the top is 27-ft and 8-in.

Every tourist, who arrives in Mingun proudly take photos of the world-famous Mingun bell.

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