Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Financial Grant: Chinese Embassy Supports 1,000 Students Nationwide

November 8, 2016
Myanmar outstanding students receive the very first China-Myanmar Friendship financial grant at Chinese cultural center in Yangon, Tuesday.   

The pilot project is brought by the Chinese Embassy to Myanmar and the Ministry of Education. 
Ambassador , China Embassy of Myanmar , Hong Liang :  “This time we offered about I think more than 300 million kyat to the Myanmar students to assistance; to study in China all accomplishes the education in Myanmar. 
Some of them are from the high schools and some of them are from the Universities. We hope that in the future more Myanmar students will benefit from our program.”
In the Yangon University of Foreign Languages, the Chinese Embassy provided 10 million kyat education grant for the 199 students listed under the China-Myanmar Friendship Scholarship.
Associate Professor,  Yangon University of Foreign Languages, Dr. Khin May Cho: This is the very first time the embassy offered financial grants for our students… This is very good for the students. I believe that [with this financial support], they can try harder for their education. 
Nationwide, 300 million kyat is allotted to more than 1,000 Myanmar students from high schools and universities.  
Student, Shin That Hlaing: “I have been selected as an outstanding student in secondary one and then I feeling very excited, nervous and very happy about being able to visit places like this. The reason of my dreaming is, I do becoming a teacher in a Chinese university as an English teacher like some good like my grandmother did.”
The initiative will be a joint annual program between the Chinese Embassy and Myanmar government.

Ref; mitv News

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