Thursday, November 3, 2016

Arts And Crafts: Japanese Traditions In Yangon

November 3, 2016
Myanmar audience can enjoy the traditional arts and crafts from northern part of Japan at the exhibition in Yangon. 
The exhibition titled “Beautiful Handicrafts of Tohoku” is organized by Japan Foundation in collaboration with Myanmar Japan Association.
It is to mark the anniversary of Tohoku earthquake and Tsunami that had struck in the area in March 2011.
Program Officer, Japan Foundation, Chinatsu Hyodo: We have been doing Worldwide exhibition of the handy crafts of Northern Part of Japan, which was once hit by earthquake, to support their efforts to reconstruct the stricken areas with all possible speed. In those parts of Japan, reality remains harsh; many people still live uncertain lives in evacuation shelters. 
The high level of traditional crafts nurtured in the Tohoku Region and the functional beauty of daily implements used since ancient times in Japan are shown at the Exhibition.
Visitor, Zin Wai Yan Tun: I am here to explore Japanese traditional crafts. I like their work especially because it is an art of ordinary Japanese artist. This exhibition is very attractive and informative for young learners of Japanese language and culture like us.

The exhibition will ran at Japan Culture House from November 2nd to 12th , and any enthusiasts can support it by ordering the crafts through online shopping or through visiting there and buying crafts directly. 
Ref; mitv News

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