Monday, November 7, 2016

61st Anniversary: President Messaged To Kayin State Day

November 7, 2016
President of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar U Htin Kyaw send a message to the 61st anniversary Kayin State Day, which falls on the 7th November.

Kayin State Day is annually celebrated on the 7th of November on which since the president signed the 1951 Constitution Amendment Act, which designated and commencing from 1955.
Myanmar is lagging behind in all aspects like politics, economics and social causing conflicts.
The government is holding the Union Peace Conference the 21st century Panglong to effect national reconciliation and restore peace within the union.
Lack of trust between and among the national brethren has caused armed conflicts, thus resulting in slow growth of Kayin State.
Nowadays, the armed organizations within the Kayin State have come to co-operate in participating in the union peace process with the result that the people in this state can now enjoy the fruits of peace with new development opportunities available now.
The good news that preparations are being made to hold the Kayin- State-level political dialogues coming soon.
It is especially important for all national people to have in building up of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar to become a peaceful, developed, democratic federal union.
He also urged Kayin national to continue to bring to bear concerted effort in unity for national reconciliation, union peace and national modernization and development.

Ref; mitv News

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