Friday, September 29, 2017

Myanmar Inter-Faith group reacts to State Counsellor’s speech

 September 28, 2017

In reaction to the national speech by the State Counsellor on 19 September, the Myanmar Interfaith Friendship and Unity Group released a statement on Wednesday.

The following is the full text of the statement.

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, State Counsellor, clarified the government’s efforts to hinder terrorist attacks which happened in Rakhine State and to bring about peace, stability and harmony in Rakhine State, in explaining to the diplomats on September 19. In doing so, the State Counsellor said that the government felt great sorrow for those who suffered in the attacks of extremist terrorists, denouncing violations of human rights and terrorism that are against the law. Simultaneously, the State Counsellor asserted that those who violated the law would have legal action taken against them. She also disclosed that she would not like the country to be split into pieces due to different races, religions and political beliefs, urging the whole populace to collectively cooperate in building up a nation where every individual can enjoy equality in unity and move throughout their lives according their faiths standing firmly on their own stance, based on these differences.

We, the Myanmar Interfaith Friendship and Unity Group, felt great sorrow for innocent people who were killed by terrorists in Rakhine State, together with the bereaved families, concurrently feeling sadness for all the displaced people. Similarly, MIFUG strongly denounces the ARSA extremist terrorist group which committed the terrorist attacks. No religion would ever allow such terrorist attacks, which cause the depredation of the public. We deeply assume that their actions are not concerned with religion.

MIFUG wholeheartedly welcomes and supports the national address made by the State Counsellor and the Government’s effort to bring about the national reconciliation and peace process, pledging to actively participate from the corner to which we are assigned.

Myanmar News Agency

Ref; The Global New Light of Myanmar

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