Thursday, June 22, 2017

Terrorist training camps, guns uncovered in Mayu Mountains

Security forces have discovered evidence over the past two days that terrorist training is being conducted in the Mayu Mountains in the Buthidaung-Maungtaw area in Rakhine State. 

Three armed attackers were killed in self-defence during the two-day area clearance operation.

“It has been found that there are secret plots to carry out acts of terrorism by people who turn a blind eye to the State’s arrangements for the rule of law and peace and stability of Maungtaw and for the people of Maungtaw”, read a statement released by the State Counsellor’s Office Information Committee. Security forces found a tunnel, home-made weapons, huts, rations, utensils and other items used in the terrorist training.

One man who attacked security forces with a machete was killed in self-defence on Tuesday, and two other men were killed the following day.

The security forces conducted an area clearance operation in the remote area after receiving a tip-off that villagers were undergoing terrorist training in the mountains at night.

During the first day of the clearance operation, they found two home-made weapons, one 9mm bullet, five huts, two packs of gunpowder, five bags of rice, one bag of onions, one bag of potatoes, 20 wooden weapons, five chopping hoes, five dustpans, three pickaxes, two coils of wire with a length of 400 feet and 20 feet, respectively, one pair of binoculars, six blankets, 45 shirts, 45 longyis, 20 articles of clothing for women and 20 black ski masks.

The man who attacked security forces with a machete on Tuesday was described as about 35 years of age. The attack occurred in the tunnel which is five feet wide, four feet high and 80 feet long.

He was killed instantly as a member of the security force fought back.

Another masked man armed with a machete died after fighting with security forces during an area clearance operation in the tunnel the next day. A third man was killed on the same day after a member of the security force inadvertently stepped on his head, causing a struggle that ended in his death. The masked man armed with a machete had attempted to hide at the end of the tunnel by covering himself under a layer of soil. After he was discovered, the man attacked the security force member with the machete, and was fatally shot in self defence.

Also on the second day of the clearance operation, security forces discovered 100 bags of gram and five containers of cooking oil.

In the afternoon of January 4, 2017 4 persons including Gumushoo aged 19 who attended the terrorist training, were seized together with 13 pieces of local-made guns & related items at Maunggyitaung village, with Maulawi Adularmein, trainee from the terrorist training caught with 4 dwelling huts and other commodities, in the evening of March 7 in the gorges near Tinn May village. 

On 4th May a bomb burst out near the grove west of Theni village in Buthidaung township, killing 2 persons including Noarlaung aged 25 residing in the village of Sargaing village, together with explosives used in making weapons and commodities. 

In the morning of May 26, 3 hand-made guns and bullets and one voucher showing salaries had been disbursed out to 20 people were seized in the yard of Marmed Shawphi at the village of Tharwunchaung in Maungtaw township. 

At the night of May 29, masked Aduraman aged 27 and other living in Thayay Konetan village (west) who completed terrorist training who hid nearby Leyinkwin village and Leyinkwin creek. Under the investigation, they confessed that 12 religious extremists including the leader conspired to kill leader of 100-household and 10-house hold leaders, conducting military training at the fellow villager Jordy Husaung’s house. And they conducted training for 5 months to village cadre youths, giving out Ks 200,000 each for a person. Foreign countries subsidized monetary aids to trainer Herbat Martawlar. 

In the evening of May 31, 40 talking machines and related items were captured at one house in the village of Chaungkalar (north), with Kardil Husaung aged 30 living in Kyaukhlapyin village who completed terrorist training on Thaykan village, Buthidaung township captured and investigated. 

The arrested Kardil Husaung admitted that he took part in robbing Dimarmauk, chairman of Letwe Dekpyinshay village in December, 2012, having done 7 year-imprisonment. He was released on 2nd October 2016 from Buthidaung penitentiary. Altogether, nearly 100 people including him and 4 others attended the terrorist training at the site on the western part of May Yu hillock from April 2 to May 14 2017. Under the leadership of Mawlawi Ilias residing in Handet village of Maungtaw township, trainees were given martial arts Karate and training on the use of light weapons, from 6 am to 9 am and 3 pm to 5 pm. So as to ensure keeping the matter of training secret, they had to swear by holding the holy Quran. Mawlawi Ilias told them to activate in the jungle and said that we would be sent to Bangladesh to attend advanced trainings. Ilias and 4 others asked for permission to return home where their families live, being told by the leaders to recruit more villagers and to bring back 50,000 kyats each when they came back from their houses. They organized villagers to join them, collecting no one of conscript soldiers and being arrested. 

On the tip of the information, security forces made a surprise raid at the village of Kyungaung at 1 am or so, on June 20, arresting Mawlawi Jirabhuman, in-charge of finance of Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army-ARSA at his residence and investigation is under way. According to him, it was learnt that October attack, 2016 was carried out by Aqua Mul Mujahidan—AMM.

Besides, there is another group named Rohingya National Security Committee—RNSA. Combined the two groups into one, it became ARSA (Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army on 15th March 2017. In-charge of military affairs of the newly formed group is Harvit Dulhar from Aqua Mul Mujahidin AMM, it was learnt. 

With a view to control and influence Maungtaw area by uses of terrorist, 34 innocent people including village elders and a librarian were killed in various ways, with 22 others abducted.

State Counsellor’s Office Information Committee
Ref; The Global New Light of Myanmar

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