Monday, June 12, 2017

Search continues amid slight improvement in weather

 June 11, 2017
Twenty-six bodies from the downed military transport plane were discovered yesterday, bringing the total number of bodies to 59.

The weather improved slightly yesterday in the area where the Tatmadaw Y-8 aircraft is believed to have crashed, allowing the combined Tatmadaw (Navy) vessels, Tatmadaw (Air) planes, ground forces and local fishing vessels to continue the search and recovery operation that resulted in the recovery of 26 more air crash victims.

Up to 4 p.m. yesterday, ground forces and locals combing the Maungmakan beach area recovered eight males, one child and one person of unidentifiable gender.  Two naval vessels conducting search and recovery operations near Launglonbot Island recovered four male and two female bodies while local fishing vessels recovered the remains of 10 males.

To date, the recovered bodies include three Tatmadaw officers, two Tatmadaw soldiers of other ranks among the total of 26 males, 23 females, nine children, and one unidentifiable totaling 59. Yesterday, close support of the search for the crashed Y-8 plane and recovery of the remains is provided by chief-of-staff (navy) based in San Lan village on the beach and chief-of-staff (air) onboard a helicopter.

Meals for locals conducting the search and recovery operation were prepared and distributed by families of the regional armed forces, departments and NGOs.

Recovered remains were sent to Dawei Tatmadaw Hospital, where necessary forensic checks were conducted and where family members of the victims identified the remains. As of yesterday, 27 bodies were identified while 32 were still under medical examinations and in the process of being identified by family members. According to the office of the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, as of yesterday morning, four identified bodies were buried according to Buddhist tradition and Tatmadaw procedures, bringing the number of bodies that were given a proper burial to 23.

Ref; The Global New Light of Myanmar

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