Monday, November 7, 2016

Only 16 displaced people remain in Maungtaw Township

November 7
Due to the October 9 attacks in Maungtaw Township, local people fled their homes. The Maungtaw Township Emergency Aid Group opened a rescue camp for displaced people at the township religious building
(Sasana Beikman) in Maungtaw Township where 167 people from Yemyattaung, Ywatnyotaung, Ngarkhuya, Kappakaung, Pharwupchaung, Aungmingalar, Aungpyuma, Kyain Chaung, Chan Pyin, Pyar Thar, Aung Bala and Laung Don villages. They started arriving on October 14.

Now, due to more security measures conducted in these villages, local people went back to their homes due to harvest time.   Only, 10 men and 6 women from 5 households remain in the township religious building as they need to receive medical treatment. The Maungtaw township emergency Aid Group accepted donations for villages in Maungtaw township.  

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