Saturday, November 5, 2016

Experience Sharing: Parents Of Disabled Children Share Experience On Caregiving

November 4, 2016
The Nippon Foundation in cooperation with Myanmar Down Syndrome Association and New Life Foundation conducted an experience sharing program to support parents of disabled kids, on Friday.

At the function, a Japanese lady from Nippon foundation shared her life experience about being a parent of a disabled child in spite of being a disabled caregiver.
New Life Foundation, Executive Director, Dr.TIN MA PHYU: As our foundation and school for disabled kids are supported by Nippon Foundation Japan, we decided to bring a Japanese lady from Nippon foundation Japan, here as a speaker, who is a mother of a disabled kid, a working widow, and also a paralyzed patient. Her life circumstances and her willpower will surely give courage to the listeners who are also parents of disabled kids.
Nippon Foundation in association with New Life Foundation have open up a disability school where children from any place within Myanmar can enroll and get international standard training by special education teachers and therapists.
Parent of a Disable Child, Than Than Win: I come in contact with this school through a Physician from Parami Hospital. Now I have admitted my kid to this school. I have also attended TOT classes. I am so happy, now I can understand my kid well and know her gestures, which was not possible for me before.
According to Dr.Tin Ma Phyu, the New Life Foundation also gives free of charge trainings for caregivers of the disabled kids considering their financial difficulties.  
New Life Foundation, Executive Director , Dr.Tin Ma Phyu: We also provide TOT (training of trainers) program to teach the parents of disabled kids about the ways to give tender loving care to them. Parents must know their kid's difficulties, and also about the disease they are suffering from, so we train them of care giving in a slightly different way. Some uneducated parents would never understand why their kid is giving a challenging behavior without proper knowledge,so our target is to address that.

Ref; mitv News

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