Friday, November 4, 2016

Anti-Piracy: New Committee Formed

November 4, 2016
Myanmar Anti-Piracy and Content Protection Joint Committee was formed to protect rights of artists in the local industry.

The joint committee is aimed at tackling piracy, in collaboration with 5 local originations related with motion pictures and music.
In the past, anti-piracy efforts were conducted by individual artists or an organization but achieved little to no progress.
The committee members hope to get participation of all stakeholders including the police forces and members of the public.
TREASURER, MYANMAR MUSIC ASSOCIATION (CENTRAL), MYO SWE: I will also try to provide awareness to people about promoting piracy, because it is hard for artists to continue their professional lives with it. We must try get rid of piracy through our actions, even though we are not able to make it completely go away.
At present, “Video Act” and the “Myanmar Motion Picture Law” are in parliament discussions for amendments. 
The amendments are targeted to be finished in the coming third regular meeting of parliament, according to the Health and Sports Development Committee from the people’s parliament.
DR. THAN WIN: There are weaknesses in the rule of law. We have enacted laws but enforcing them has been weak. We are also trying to amend them in line with current situation. We will collaborate with them to protect the professional lives of artists by complying with rules and regulations.

Private companies including legacy music network and Myanmar Music networks that are officially doing business online also participate as alliance organizations.
Ref; mitv News

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