Monday, August 7, 2017

Thank you message to the people

 August 6, 2017
The Republic of the Union of Myanmar

State Counsellor Office

Thank you message to the people

14th Waxing of Wagaung 1379 ME

(6 August 2017)

1. Some members of the Sangha and persons under the name ‘patriotic group’ staged a sitting demonstration in Yangon, Mandalay and Taunggyi from 2 August to 5 August with the intention of destroying peace and stability of the State and the rule of law.

2. People have not supported or participated in the demonstration. Besides, the governments of the regions and the state concerned have handled the problem in a gentle manner in accordance with the law.

3. We express heartfelt thanks to the people for their stance and conviction that serves the long-term interest of the State.
Ref; The Global New Light of Myanmar

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