Monday, July 10, 2017

Terrorists attack the security forces at Tinmay Village, Buthidaung Township

 July 9, 2017
The government security forces were attacked with small arms and mines by armed terrorists at Tinmay Village, Buthidaung Township. The security forces returned fire and caught two dead bodies, one man alive and another man who disturbed and deterred the activities of security forces.

It is learnt that while the security forces were patrolling near Tinmay Village Tract, Buthidaung Township, they were shot 20 rounds of bullet by small arms from inside the house of Phwayaut Islam at Tinmay Village. When the security forces shot back into the house, terrorists inside the house attacked again by exploding a mine.
As the security forces tried to clear the house three terrorists ran out of the house. They were shot by security forces and two dead bodies and Phwayaut Islam and Zarbe who interfered were chaught. As the security forces cleared the house, burnt BA94- 1 no., 2 catridge cases, BA94- blank bullet 6 no., hand-made gun- 1 no., remote mine – 1 no., things for IED were seized. Moreover, Bangladesh Tarca 1000 note – 1 no., and some other denominations, Symphony phone-1 no., and small other things were also found in his fanny bag. The seized BA-94 was known as the gun which had been brought by terrorists in the 2016, October 9 Kyikanpyin attack.
Ref; The Global New Light of Myanmar

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