Monday, July 3, 2017

Myanmar’s highest-ranking Buddhist Monks open annual meeting

July 2, 2017
The Seventh State Sangha Maha Nayaka Committee, Myanmar’s highest-ranking, government-sanctioned panel of Theravada Buddhist monks, convened its annual leadership meeting yesterday at Wizaya Dhamathabin Hall in Thiri Mingalar Kabaye Hill in Yangon.

The body, also known as the First Congregation of All Orders for the Purification, Perpetuation and Propagation of Sasana, or “doctrine,” leads Myanmar Buddhist monks and meets at least annually for three days to confer on matters of concern to the religious community.

The 47-member leadership committee is in charge of the religious affairs.

Yesterday’s meeting was led by Chairman Sayadaw Abhidhaja Maharattha Guru Abhidhaja Agga Maha Saddhamma Jotika Bhamo Sayadaw Dr. Bhaddanta Kumarabhivamsa, Other members of the Committee and Union Minister for Religious Affairs and Culture Thura U Aung Ko were also present.

State Sangha Maha Nayaka Committee Joint Secretary Sayadaw Agga Maha Pandita Dwipitakadhara Bhaddanta Agga Dhama was master of ceremony and read the attendance list.

Sayadaw Dr. Bhaddanta Kumarabhivamsa delivered the opening address in connection with the religious affairs and unity among the members of the Sangha (the speech will appear in this daily).

Then, Union Minister Thura U Aung Ko led a discussion on religious matters.

Donors Maha Tharay Sithu Lt. Gen. Ye Myint (Retired) and wife Dr. Daw Tin Lin Myint and family offered day meals to the committee members.
Ref; The Global New Light of Myanmar

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