Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Member of Parliament denounces UN Human Rights Special Rapporteur’s statement

 July 24, 2017
Daw Thandar, parliamentarian of Einme constituency put forward a motion to Pyithu Hluttaw, strongly denouncing the statement dated on 21st July 2017 issued by Ms Yanghee Lee, Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Myanmar.

In her important motion on strongly denouncing the statement at Pyithu Hluttaw yesterday, she said that the UN rights convoy failed to focus the national reconciliation being implemented by the Government, neglecting the government’s co-operation with the United Nations, and it was void of descriptions about existing actual situations in Rakhine State.

And she added, “The government’s concerted efforts for national reconciliation and bringing about internal peace can be clearly seen. Moreover, the conflict happening currently in Rakhine State is very complicated, getting involved with political attitudes.

The Government is implementing means and ways which will safeguard and upgrade human rights in accord with the law within the framework of the Constitution.

Likewise, as for the Hluttaw as well, it approved the laws such as Law on the protection of personal freedom and security, carrying out the tasks of defending human rights and civil rights. Similarly, spending the special fund of the President for the development of Rakhine State, subsidizing pregnant women under 1000-day project, substituting teaching staff in Buthidaung and Maungtaw where conflicts took place by the Ministry of Education are the government’s arduous efforts.”

In addition, Daw Thandar went on saying, “In solving out loss and damages happening in Rakhine State, it is essential to deal with by using deep and sober ways politically.  After the incumbent government took office, the advisory commission on Rakhine State led by H.E Mr Kofi Annam, Ex-UN Secretary General was formed to report the actual events in the area, and simultaneously news releases were made known to the international communities. At the press release by the Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in Myanmar, Ms Yanghee Lee’s description saying that they were still found in refugee camps although refugees disclosed they would like to go back to their original places in winding up 3 refugee camps as suggested by the advisory commission on Rakhine State, was found to be imperfect.

In reality, suggestions included in page 21 of Interim Report, issued in March 2017 of the advisory commission on Rakhine State include that negotiations should be made in consultation with respective societies after laying down strategies with time schedule clearly described, in winding up IDP Camps, and suggestions should be expressed as to whether they will go back to their original locations or move to other areas to resettle with security and job opportunities provided.

Depending upon the fundamental circumstances, moreover, the Government is implementing as suggested by the commission to carry out the tasks of reviewing security matters and to carry out suitable performances if necessary.”

The motion presenter expressed, “As suggested by the advisory commission on Rakhine State, 3 refugee camps were closed in Kyaukpyu, Pauktaw and Yanbye townships, with 55 households selected in accord with the law to let them move to Yangon. Moreover, over 20,000 birth certificates were given out.

At the press conference, we were very sorrowful to hear that news items of man-made tunnels, weapons and terrorist training camps found on May Yu mountain range were deliberately concealed.”
Ref; The Global New Light of Myanmar

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