Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Eight suspected illegal immigrants detained in Kawthoung

July 10, 2017
Police detained eight suspected illegal immigrants in Kawthoung on 8th July, according to local authorities yesterday.

During their patrol, the police found the eight suspects sleeping at a closed betel quid shop in Kawthoung.

The eight suspects are identified as Arzi Zular, 40, Farifo Islam, 24, Shaw Bee Arlam, 18, Anrar Sawde, 15, Mohamat Eskram, 14, Arju Mohaa, 17 and Wisamut, 13 and one Thailand, Mee Zar Nurae, 21. Two of them can speak Myanmar language.

Upon interrogation, it is found that they are from Kyauktaw in Rakhine State and went to Thailand illegally via Yangon and Kayin State in April, 2017.

They had also been arrested in Thailand by Thai police. As they have no official documents to live in Thailand, they entered illegally to Kawthoung via Yanaung in Thailand by boat.

Action will be taken against them under the law.
Kyaw Soe (Kawthoung)
Ref; The Global New Light of Myanmar

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