Thursday, June 29, 2017

Villager, suspected terrorist subsidizer dead in Maungtaw

June 28, 2017
A villager and a man suspected of bankrolling terrorist training are both dead, after the villager’s home was attacked in Phweyar Village, Maungtaw. Mawlawi Umaw Sardec of Bagonenar village, Maungtaw Township, who was suspected of supporting the training of terrorists in Rakhine State, died of a heart attack at Maungtaw hospital Monday night soon after his arrest.

On 17 June, about 10 masked people entered the house of Armiarli, in-charge of the Tat-Oo Creek village-tract in Phweyar Village, Maungtaw Township.

Armiarli was killed after being stabbed several times. The attackers, some of them armed with guns, ran away when villagers arrived to ward off the attack.

Acting on a tip-off, a suspect, Marmauk Tawyu, was arrested at Bagonenar Village (middle) on Sunday morning. As a result of further investigation, a person named Mawlawi Umaw Sardec, who was allegedly funnelling money to trainees at the terrorist attack training was seized.

They confessed that another man, Sawlein, who is living abroad and is under investigation, was also supporting terroritst training by sending money to Maungtaw.

While investigating Marmauk Tawyu & Mawlawi Umaw Sardec on Monday, Umaw Sardec had suffered chest pains and collapsed.

He was brought to Maungtaw Hospital and pronounced dead at 11:15pm.

A post-mortem examination revealed that Umaw Sardec died of sudden cardiac arrest, and the case was being investigated by the investigation tribunal formed by the Myanmar Police Force, according to the information committee of the Office of State Counsellor.
Ref; The Global New Light of Myanmar

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