Friday, June 16, 2017

Bailey Bridge to be built on Ann & Sittway road after landslide

 June 15, 2017
Due to heavy rains, there occurred over-flooding on Yangon-Sittway Road, causing landslides between milestones 28/0 and 28/1, leading to building a bailey bridge for vehicles to ply in rainy season, according to road special engineering team-16.

U Hla Shwe of the team 16 said that a bailey bridge is urgently built between milestone 28/0 and milestone 28/1 for cars to ply in rainy season, and it will be finished unless it rains in a night.

The bailey bridge is 90 ft long and it will be used temporarily. Only in open season, repair work of the road will be made.
Due to erosion nearby milestone 28, 30—10ft of the road was ruined. It has been learnt that cars began to ply on the road again since yesterday morning due to the concerted effort of workers from the team 16 by using machineries.

Mini-cars were allowed to pass on the road whereas trucks and lorries were allowed to use the road just in the morning, said U Hla Shwe.

Due to torrents in 2015, some parts of Yangon-Sittway road were ruined by landslides. In 2016 there was no road damage.

On account of torrents in Rakhine State, there occurred over-floods on Sittway—Yangon road. According to the ministry of transport and communication, in 12 places between Ann & Kazukai village over-floods occurred.

Ref; The Global New Light of Myanmar

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