Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Fish pond expanded to over 200 acres in Buthidaung Township

May 8, 2017
According to the Buthidaung Township Fisheries Department, there are 7 times the amount of fish-breeding more than before, increasing in the period of three years, thanks to the calling for the townspeople to do freshwater fish-keeping in the township, now reaching over 200 acreage.

U Hsan Win, Head of the Fisheries Department said, “Our department has been carrying out to sustainably develop the fishery, and to increase the fishery production and fishery resources. With the plan, we have been releasing fingerlings annually into ponds, creeks and rivers. Previously, the people in Buthidaung township did not get accustomed to the practice of catching freshwater fish and breeding as a profession. So, the department educated them to develop freshwater fish breeding linking with rural people in the area. We have been making call for them to aspire to keep fish annually. Now, fresh fish-keeping remarkably developed in three years period.

In the past, there were no practices of artificial fish breeding by induced spawning in Buthidaung township. Now the department went to villages, educating and giving artificial fish breeding by induced spawning free of charges, selling spawned fish at cheap prices.

As a result, there were up to over 200 acres of fish breeding in the township in 3 years after 2014.
Maung Sein Lwin & Hla Kyaw (Buthidaung)
Ref; The Global New Light of Myanmar

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