Thursday, January 12, 2017

TNLA attacks government troops in Namsam & Mai Ngot Camp in Kyaukme

January 11, 2017
Government troops performing security duty in the area near the town of Namsam in north-eastern Shan State were confronted with about 20 members of the Ta’an National Liberation Army (TNLA) at about 7:15am on Tuesday,
but were able to drive the insurgents away into the south, it is learnt. The TNLA took a stronghold near Mankhait Natsingone at the entrance of Namsam, from which they fired at the Tatmataw troops with firearms and artillery at about 8 pm. Government troops returned fire, and the fighting ceased at about 8:15pm.
In a separate earlier incident at about 7:45 pm, TNLA armed groups from Towerdinekone and Padamya Cedi near Namwaw ward attacked the site of a tea-leaf factory owned by the Tatmataw, and then into the town of Namsam with firearms and artillery. Due to the cross-fire from the government troops, fighting ceased temporarily at about 7:55pm, it is learnt.
Starting at about 8pm, armed groups fired weapons and artillery into Namsam every 10 minutes or so. It is learnt that Tatmataw troops are conducting area security operations around the clock.
Similarly, at about 7:15 pm on Tuesday, a TNLA contingent of about 50 attacked with 60mm mortars and RPG medium-sized weapons at the camp of Mai Ngot. The Tatmataw responded with crossfire. Tatmataw troops are conducting area clearance operations near the places where armed groups attacked, it is learnt.

Ref; The Global New Light of Myanmar

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