Friday, November 11, 2016

Quake Resilience: 50 Buildings To Be Selected For Assessment

November 10, 2016
50 buildings in Yangon Region will be selected to make an assessment on the earthquake-resistance structures, officials said at the workshop on “Enhancing Earthquake Resilience in Yangon”, held on Thursday.
The workshop focuses to figure out the hazardous of quake when the quake hit in Yangon, as well as to participate actively all the concerned departments in the assessment process to select the main buildings.
The buildings that are using for common interest of the public will be selected in the initial phase.
Director, Relief and Resettlement Dept. (YGN Region), Win Shwe: Most of the building will be the main building which are using in education sector, health sector as well as for the beneficiary buildings for the public. Then, we will identify the parts which are mainly need to prepare for to resist the quake risk. After that, we will conduct the training to raise awareness about the preparedness for the earthquake. 
Since Yangon sees increasing numbers of high-rise buildings, experts suggest prioritizing for public safety to the constructors.  
Patron, Myanmar Earthquake Committee, Hla Hla Aung: As the ground land of Yangon is soil, if the engineers should dig deeply in constructing the high-rise buildings to make them safe when the earthquake hits in Yangon. So, I’d like to urge that the preparation is the best not only for the country but also for the public to safe from quake hazards.
The selected buildings will be presented to Yangon Region Government, and once they get approval, inspection will be made for durability of the buildings. 

Ref; mitv News

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