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Investigation commission vows to help local residents in Maungtaw

November 18, 2016
A committee investigating into violent attacks in Maungtaw and Rathetaung on 9 October formed by Rakhine State Government made a field trip to Kyikanpyin Command Centre, Chanpyin Village, Sabaipinyin Village, Yemyettaung Village, Ngakhuya Village and Kyainchaung Village on 17 November.

First, members of the committee met with 17 households of Maramagyi ethnic group from Forkitaung Village of Laungdon Village-tract, who fled their homes in fear to Kyainchaung Village and inquired about the security situation in their village.
Emergency Assistance Committee of Maungtaw, that accompanied the Investigation Committee on 9/10 Violent Attacks, delivered rice, edible oil, drinking water, dried noodles and fried dry-fish to residents of Hparwutchaung and Kyainchaung villages and security forces along the route. The assistance committee also presented K 20,000 donated by monks and laypersons in Kalay Township to each family in Kappakaung, Myyemyattaung and Kyainchaung villages on behalf of the well-wishers.
Rakhine State Government formed the investigation committee with 11 members on 9 October.
Chairman of the commission U Aung Win said, “This is the second time we have visited the area to learn what the difficulties of local people are. We visited many villages including Sabaipinyin, Ngakhuya and Kyainchaung villages today. We found only a few people in villages resided by Muslims.
It is said that they leave their villages during mornings and come back at nights. We also found that some buildings in some villages, including Ngakhuya and Kyikanpyin, were burnt down.
We later learnt that the buildings were set on fire by residents to cast suspicion over security forces.
Another fact we found is that ethnic local people are too afraid to go out as they are minority in the area. They have to live on donations of local social organizations.
It is difficult for them to move to Maungtaw. Their rice is ripe but they do not have harvesting machines. Although the government and social organizations are donating harvesting machines, it is still not enough. They urgently need harvesting and winnowing machines at the moment. The paddy will ruined. We will discuss the issues with the state government as soon as we arrive back.”
In addition, the chairman said that the ethnic families are requesting the government to resettle them in Kyainchaung as they had to live in fear in their native village. One of members of the ethnic group lost his ear and was injured on the throat as he was attacked with swords. He was left as his attackers thought he was dead. He was later treated by the Tatmadaw.
“Education and health conditions are also bad. Schools are still closed. No student dares to go to school,” the chairman added.
The ethnic group also want security for them to go to a market in Maungtaw. The chairman promised to report to the state government everything the resident requested.

Ref; The Global New Light of Myanmar

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