Wednesday, November 16, 2016

24-hour health care service given in Maungtaw Hospital

November 16, 2016
The information team interviewed surgical specialist Dr. Soe Aung Than when they arrived at Maungtaw Township hospital. The team asked about the current health care services rendered by the hospital, common diseases and rural health care services.

Surgeon Dr. Soe Than Aung said “There are the township Medical Superintendant, me as the surgeon, a Physician, an anaesthetist, 4 assistant doctors and 18 nurses in Maungtaw Township hospital".
"The doctors and nurses are providing health care services around the clock. The assistant doctors take duties in rotation. We all are on call and always available any time. The physician usually comes to the hospital daily. The Ministry of Health has provided medicines and the other needs of the hospital. But sometimes, we have to tell the patients to buy some medicines that we do not have. This is a rare case. We give treatments to all patients regardless of race and religion. Although there are violent attacks, the hospital is opened 24-hour. We all are ready to render health care services to all patients" , he said.
 The surgeon also added that common diseases here are tuberculosis and hypertension. "Children often suffer from respiratory infections. Now, injured patients with bullet and knife wounds are being cured as the emergency treatment", he said.
"We also give treatments to patients as much as possible here. If necessary, we transfer patients to hospitals in Sittwe and Yangon.The numbers of patients are less after the violent incident. But the number of injured persons with knife and bullet wounds have increased. Only some patients, who must come to the hospital, visit here. People from rural areas do not come here", the surgeon  said.
"We have rural health care centers. The hospital has also set up points for rural areas such as Ale Than Kyaw, Nga Khu Ya, Thayet Oak, Tamantha and Taung Pyoe Letwe. The health officer, nurses and midwives are stationed there to provide health care services", he added.

Regarding the security of doctors and nurses, he also said that "we send doctors and nurses to such points only when security is ensured. we are also giving treatment to the injured persons who are accused of crimes. The policemen come here to watch those persons. We give treatments to patients equally".

 Maungtaw and Taung Pyoe Letwe Townships hospitals, a maternal and child health care center, four station hospitals, 5 rural health care centers and 4 rural health care branches are rendering health care to locals in Maungtaw district. Only when the region can restore peace and stability, health staff can provide more health care services by making field trips to villages.

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